Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Nation of Morons

This won't be up long, probably, but ESPN has a "Sports Nation" poll up on the front page asking the following question:

"Where is the baseball from the last our of this year's World Series?

a. Al Capone's Vault
b. Steve Bartman's House
c. The Weiner's House in Chicago
d. Doug Mientkiewicz has it"

Granted, this a really stupid poll, and I'm already giving it more attention than it deserves, but Weiner's House? WEINER'S FREAKING HOUSE?!?! Dumb motherfuckers. There is no Weiner's House. It's the Weiner's Circle, and it's the best goddamn hotdog stand in Chicago, and about a five minute walk from my apartment. Seriously, how hard is it to a do a quick Google search to make sure you aren't making an ass of yourself?


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how do Portillo's Chicago-style dogs compare with others in Chicago? I'm asking because Portillo's just opened a resaurant here in Orange County.

Seitz said...

Portillo's is pretty good. I usually stop there on the way back from playing out at Cog Hill. But they don't cook their dogs over open flame. I think they steam or boil them. Weiner's Circle sells them like that as well, but you can also get char-dogs. Plus, you can't get grilled onions at Portillo's. They have good Italian Beef sandwiches, though, and good burgers. You'd be surprised how tough it is to get a good burger out here.

Richard said...

Hmmm... they had it fixed by the time I saw it. Bet they got pleanty of emails.

Joe said...

You can use the same post title for your recap of the Kings/Sharks game. What a awful non-call on J.R.!!!