Sunday, August 21, 2005

Red Sox 5; Angels 1

Well, that was fairly predictable. It was a Steve Finley game, so the Angels started with one foot in the whole to begin with. Byrd was strong for his first 100 pitches, then wore a little bit in the 8th. As has happened so many times this season, just when it looks like an Angels pitcher is going to escape a jam, he can't get the third out, this time ending with a back breaking three run homer to Edgar Renteria.

Papelbon was impressive, but quite frankly, it looked more like a return of the crappy Angels offense had more to do with his success than great pitching. Take nothing away from him ,though. It was a fine performance.

The Angels end the week no worse than 1 game up on the A's, losing at most a half game while going up against one of the league's best teams. Six games coming up against crappy teams, and a chance to make some hay.

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FatMan said...

It's great the way you guys shake off loses by saying, "Eh, we started our starters."

Good luck with that come October.