Thursday, July 28, 2005


The root word of "catcher" is catch. For the second night in a row, the Angels lose a game because the person playing the one position on the field whose name comes from the word "catch" has failed to actually catch the ball. Last night it was Bengie, who admittedly, couldn't handle a tough pitch in the dirt, but his defense has been so piss poor this year that I refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tonight it was because Jose couldn't catch a pitch that was essentially a strike (despite what Rapuano thinks he saw). Pathetic.

Folks, when things aren't going your way, they just aren't going your way. Take my post from yesterday, for example. Pretty much everything bad or stressful that could be happening to me right now is in fact happening. And it doesn't appear to be any different for the Angels.

I said on a couple of message boards after Frankie that if the Angels could hold the Jays scoreless for another nine innings, they just may score again. Guess I was wrong.

Wow. This team really sucks. Or at least the offense and defense do. The pitching is still good, I guess.

Moving this weekend, so the posting will be hit and miss. Mostly miss.


Anonymous said...

chin up buddy, chin up.

matt said...

Good luck with the rough patch.

As for etymology, it was my biggest fear pre-season that we'd lose too many close games in late innings because our catchers couldn't catch our pitchers' wicked breaking stuff in the dirt. Another reason I won't be sad when Bengie goes.

But fear not about the division. Oakland's totally out of its head, young arms tend to go dead late in the year, and we're about to get healthy at the expense of some Yankee weenie-arms. Our team is better than theirs, despite the bag of shit playing CF.

Seitz said...

Thanks, guys. Once I get through this move over the weekend, things will probably take a bit of a turn for the better. And I hope you're right about the Angels, Matt.

I may have a beer or two with Fat tonight, so maybe that will cheer me up.