Friday, July 22, 2005

Angels 6; Yankees 5

Well, that was a nice surprise. I was getting updates on my wireless web and on the White Sox out of town scoreboard. When I left the game it was 3-1. When I went into the subway, it was 5-2. When I got to my apartment, it was 6-5, and I arrived just in time to see the final out. Big win, since I'm not expecting much in this series. The Angels really struggle against good pitching, more than they should, it seems. Even a good pitcher who has been struggling can and will shut them down. But they apparently got to Randy, got to the pen, and well, that's why they pay Vlad $14MM per.

Bartolo was not good again, per the numbers (obviously I didn't see the game, so if anyone wants to fill me in on how he looked, please do). This is becoming an issue, and it would be a bigger issue if the other guys weren't stepping up. He's either nursing something, or he's lost it. Either way, the Angels are in trouble unless he gets it back together soon.

Good game at the Cell. White Sox went up early on an Everett homer. They extended on homers by Konerko and Rowand in the fifth, but poor defense allowed Red Sox back into the game, and eventually gave them the lead. Then Joe Crede just had one of those nights. He stroked the game tying double in the 8th. Then in the 9th, he dropped a popup in foul territory that he should have caught pretty easily. It was a tough play at first, as it looked like it was heading out of play. The wind blew it back in, and Crede camped underneath it. To me, it looked like he tried to make the catch with a little flair, and just flat dropped it. Bad idea. You don't give Manny Ramirez extra outs, and he showed why when he crushed a Luis Vizcaino for the game winning homer. On a side note, Red Sox fans weren't the huge assholes that they normally are tonight.

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