Thursday, July 03, 2003


Angels - a bunch
Rangers - a big fat goose egg (nine of them, if you're looking by inning).

Great effort from John Lackey, he was spotting his fastball really well, and he was really snapping off the curve. Maybe his good effort against the Dodgers wasn't just a result of the Dodger's double A offensive lineup.

Bengie Molina has really been smoking the ball lately. He's been playing the same great defense, and he's actually contributing at the plate. I think last season represented a dip from his actual ability. He's not as good as he's been playing the last week or so, but if he finds a happy medium, he can be an overall plus. With some other guys slipping back from last year's performances, that's very important.

Jeff DaVanon continues to hit, and that will make the loss of Fullmer that much easier to swallow. Especially important is the fact that he's doing it at the top of the lineup. They really need a table setter, and he appears to be filling that role pretty adequately. Last night they looked a lot like the 2002 Angels, getting on base, getting some clutch hits, and the big bomb to put the game away.

The home run Salmon hit was a thing of beauty. It loooked a lot like the one he hit off of Felix Rodriguez in game 2 of the World Series last year, although I think that was a fastball, and last night's was a slider that hung. When he gets a pitch up like and drives it, it's fun to watch.

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