Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Miller, Smolinski Gear Up

This has really been one of the weirdest years I remember in terms of injuries for the Kings. Miller has been out virtually all season, Allison has missed a ton of time, and probably came back too soon. Lord only knows when Deadmarsh will be back (call it the curse of the jersey. It seems everytime I get a jersey with a player's name on it, that player usually gets traded. It happened with Peter Stastny...TWICE!, Brendan Shanahan, Josef Stumpel. Heck, I even got a practice worn Kimo Timmonen jersey before he got dealt). But it hasn't just been the big guys. Eric Belanger's various injuries have cost the Kings the services of their top face off guy. Visnosvky had a strong start before being derailed. The list goes on. I supported Dave Taylor this off-season when he didn't bring in a big name, although I don't buy the team crying poor. The good news is that they're still in the post-season hunt. If they can get these guys back, and somehow sneak in, I think they will be very dangerous. That's a lot of wear and tear that these guys are missing, and if they can make the post-season, that could make a big difference, similar to the way Wayne Gretzky was in mid-season form for the 1993 playoffs when everyone else was wearing down.

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